Services to Conservative Groups, Councillors and Candidates

With the reduction in the number of paid agents, along with complicated legislation and onerous paperwork, it is unsurprising that councillors, candidates and Conservative Groups are finding it increasingly difficult to access the services of a good agent and/or campaign manager.

Each year we lose candidates and often incumbent councillors due to incorrectly submitted nomination papers or missed deadlines. Legal challenges to election expenses are increasingly common. It is little wonder that volunteers are reticent about taking on this task, resulting in councillors and candidates spending too much time on administration when they should be campaigning.

On a limited and case by case basis, I am prepared to take on this role for your Association or Group. I will only accept this work if I am confident my other commitments will allow me to spend the necessary time on your campaign. I will also give priority to target councils where we might lose (or gain) control, rather than safe councils where our majority is not under threat.

My basic service is charged at £150 per candidate, with a minimum charge of £3,000 (or 20 candidates). This is invoiced in two tranches: £75 per candidate in early March for research and preparatory work and £75 per candidate in April for my election-specific work. This will result in only £75 per candidate being a declarable election expense.

My basic package of support includes:

  • General advice and assistance on candidate recruitment
  • A half-day “Campaign Conference” for all candidates and key activists, with sessions on
    – Nomination papers/legal
    – Effective campaigning and Voter ID
    – Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and Got Out The Postal Vote (GOTPV)
    -Social media
    (nb: fee includes conference and speakers but not venue hire or any refreshments provided)
  • Nomination papers, advice, checking and submission
  • General advice / design and production of:
    – Main election leaflet (including co-ordinating candidates’ local contributions)
    – Calling cards / SYWO card for candidates
    – GOTPV and GOTV material
    – Good Morning / Time is Running Out leaflets
    (nb: fee includes help and support with production and design. Cost of printing extra, this can be done locally or I can manage the print via my print partners in Kent)
  • Preparation and submission of election expenses

Additional services

In addition to the above all-inclusive package of support, additional specialist projects may be commissioned for an additional fee. These include:

  • Detailed research on policy and residents’ perceptions of performance
  • Focus Groups
  • Assistance with identifying target wards and building a target ward strategy
  • Pre-election newsletters and communications
  • Running a postal vote recruitment campaign (target wards or council-wide)
  • Knock-Drop-Collect survey canvassing or traditional issue/VI surveys

Charging policy:

For my services as a Campaign Consultant I charge by the hour (£50), by the half day (£200) or by the full day (£350) plus travel. I am happy to discuss fees for longer term projects. I will always charge the most economical rate for the work I do and will invoice you through my company “Andrew Kennedy Campaigning Ltd”.

To contact me for an initial discussion about these services, or anything that may not be on this list which I may be able to help with, please click below.