Services to Members of Parliament and Parliamentary Candidates

The strength, popularity and reputation of a hard working local Member of Parliament can be vital to success, often delivering votes beyond the reach of the national campaign. In what appears to be a climate of uncertainty (with large regional swings) maximising this advantage could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Key to this is control of the message and timing. In both 2015 and 2017 my experience negotiating with printers and Royal Mail along with my data management skills gave our local West Kent candidates the confidence to opt out of the CCHQ print package, resulting in 100% local literature content and different leaflets with targeted messages going to young voters, older voters, female voters and male voters at five-day intervals during the last three weeks of the campaign. 

The following is a sample of the projects I can assist you with:

Maximising Incumbency

To maximise your incumbency I am able to assist with design, production and fulfilment with the following projects

  • 18th Birthday cards
  • MP/Candidate newsletters (either stand-alone or shared with local councillors to reduce cost)
  • New Year Calendar Cards
  • Targeted Residents’ Surveys (by geography, demography, age, gender or issue-specific)
  • Petitions and community action projects

Training and development of volunteers

  • General advice and guidance to maximise effectiveness
  • Launching new branches and special interest groups
  • Campaign training for candidates, councillors and activists
  • Legal and compliance training – for accounts, elections and voluntary agents
  • Leaflet design and production, and survey canvassing

Building a long-term campaign infrastructure

  • Finding new delivery helpers
  • Identifying sites for window posters and garden posters
  • Recruiting new postal voters
  • Building a campaign team
  • Enlarging the pledge base through postal surveys, phone canvassing and door-to-door

Campaign support

  • Leaflet design and production
  • Survey design and production (including packing and mailing where necessary)
  • Strategic advice on targeting including target wards and target voters
  • Young voters’ survey
  • Swing voters’ survey
  • Successful Get Out the Postal Vote (GOTPV) and Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Community Action

  • Jobs Fairs
  • Pensioners’ Fairs – from concept to delivery

Charging policy:

For my services as a Campaign Consultant I charge by the hour (£50), by the half day (£200) or by the full day (£350) plus travel. I am happy to discuss fees for longer term projects. I will always charge the most economical rate for the work I do and will invoice you through my company “Andrew Kennedy Campaigning Ltd”.

To contact me for an initial discussion please click below.