Services to Conservative Associations

I believe passionately in building and developing the voluntary party. The strongest local Associations and the most effective campaigns are those which are run from the ground-up, not imposed from the top-down. But for this to happen we need a large, motivated and vibrant team of volunteers – and the money to cover pay the bills. With almost 30 years experience as an agent I have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, from training and developing our teams, identifying new activists, building a strong campaign infrastructure and fund raising – maximising income from existing and new streams.

Association Audit

For a fixed fee of £500 (plus travel costs) I will visit your Association for a full day. Working with your officers, staff and key volunteers I will undertake a comprehensive audit of your present position in terms of campaigning, administration and fundraising. Following this I will write an honest report highlighting your Association’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a detailed and costed plan to address any weaknesses and maximise opportunities; a route map to help you move your Association from where it now is to where it needs to be to win the next election. The report will be confidential and presented to either your Management Committee or Executive Council (as agreed). You may then take the report as it stands or, if you wish, retain me on a professional basis to work with your team to develop and implement solutions to the problems identified.

Building a long-term campaign infrastructure

  • Finding new delivery helpers
  • Identifying sites for window posters and garden posters
  • Recruiting new postal voters
  • Building the pledge base through postal surveys, phone canvassing and door-to-door
  • Newsletters – from design to production

Campaign support

  • Leaflet design and production
  • Survey design and production (including packing and mailing where required)
  • Strategic advice on targeting – including target wards and target voters
  • Young voters’ survey
  • Swing voters’ survey
  • Successful Get Out the Postal Vote (GOTPV) and Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Training and development of volunteers

  • General advice and guidance to association and branch officers
  • Launching new branches and special interest groups
  • Campaign training for candidates, councillors and activists
  • Legal and compliance training – for accounts, elections and voluntary agents
  • Leaflet design and production, and survey canvassing

Fund raising and generating new income

  • Maximising draw income
  • 500+ Club
  • An Audience with…
  • Membership Discount Card scheme
  • Business Supporters’ Group

Local government candidate development and support

  • Training Local Government / Approvals Committee members
  • Identifying a new generation of LG candidates

Charging policy:

For my services as a Campaign Consultant I charge by the hour (£50), by the half day (£200) or by the full day (£350) plus travel. I am happy to discuss fees for longer term projects. I will always charge the most economical rate for the work I do and will invoice you through my company “Andrew Kennedy Campaigning Ltd”.

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