About Andrew Kennedy

With over thirty years experience, seven parliamentary elections and almost 2,000 local council candidates under his belt, Andrew Kennedy in one of the country’s most experienced campaigners.

Throughout his career Andrew has led the field in adopting innovative campaign techniques, whilst holding firm to the view that elections are won through a very simple process; finding your supporters and getting them to vote.

He was one of the first Conservative agents to use telephone canvassing in the UK; co-authoring the training pamphlet “Ringing the Changes” in the late 1980s. He also pioneered postal surveys and most recently personalised election literature with the message changing from house-to-house and street-to-street.

This innovative approach tied to traditional and proven election-winning principles has resulted in election results which have consistently exceeded the county, regional and nation-wide averages.

Andrew’s abilities don’t just apply to elections. He has a strong record in fundraising, activist and volunteer recruitment, training and development, maximising incumbency and research.

In 2012 Andrew was one of the principle architects of the West Kent Conservative Group, bringing together three strong and successful Associations into one Grouping. The group has subsequently increased to six Associations with two more investigating their options.

Andrew is probably best known through his campaign blog Voting and Boating and his regular columns on the Conservative Home website, in which he shares best practice and his views of campaigning and party reform.

Since September 2017 Andrew will be working part time for West Kent whilst developing his own consultancy, offering an opportunity for others to share his experience.

Whether you are an Association looking to build your team, a Council/Group Leader looking to win the next local election, an MP seeking to maximise your incumbency or a candidate looking for independent campaign advice and support, Andrew can almost certainly help.

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